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Better choose a SEO Hosting provider

SEO Hosting

Hosting services are offered by vendors to enable physical storage of website files to make them available on the World Wide Web. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) hosting enables online exposure, and may increase traffic to a website through the use of non-traditional and traditional approaches. This may be through the



There are many factors that can make or break how your website ranks in search engines. Out of all these factors, there’s one that’s highly important, yet highly overlooked: the sitemap file. Because search engines are constantly improving their crawl algorithms, a lot of website owners think that having a


That’s WDF * IDF

Those of you interested and working in SEO may have attempted to search for more information on the ‘new’ text quality calculator, WDF IDF … and come up short. There has been surprisingly little information posted on the internet, unless you speak German in which case fill your boots.

Google Pagespeed for

Google Pagespeed

Google’s Pagespeed score is often described as a measure of how fast a webpage will load, but this isn’t quite true. It’s more accurate to say that it’s a measure of how fast a webpage will load given the content it has to display.

Matt Cutts on eCommerce and Duplicate Content

eCommerce & DC

What can e-commerce sites do that sell products which have an ingredients list exactly like other e-commerce sites selling the same product to avoid Google as seeing it as duplicate content?

Domain Popularity determines your websites Domain Authority

Domain Popularity 101

As the internet and the way we use it evolves, search engine programmers continually update their algorithms to include things like Domain Popularity, ensuring that search results are authentic.

Part of Google's robots.txt

The robots.txt explained

Web robots, for example those used by search engines, will be constantly crawling your website looking to gather information about its content. This file acts as an exclusion protocol, telling the robot which subdirectories to look in and which to ignore.