Server Security

Creating your own server is easy and quick to do with a small amount of programming power. However if you are looking at potentialy using this route be prepared to examine your security meticulasly.

What is important when you set up your server?

When you set up your server you are creating a port to your computer which other people will be able to access. This means that security on your server is high priority. Take into consideration that if you leave the computer completley unguarded or with inadequate security someone may be able to acsess your personal files and potentialy steal information from you or they may add offensive or illegal images and information to your website. You will also need to consider the proven fact that 75% of servers wich are set up on a Microsoft Windows PC are easy to hack into.

Don´t let others upload files on your server

The main security holes wich cause the most security problems are caused by allowing other users to upload files to the server as these files can contain a code wich when turned on will make the computer vunerable and using passwords which are not strong enough. It is crucial to select a complicated password containing both letters and numbers to access your server. The more complicated the password the stronger it is. To stop corrupted files from being uploaded set up a strong firewall and place your main database on a seperate server. Also keep your Antivirus and Firewall software updated to the most recent version at all times.

If you search for tools to secure your server you should take a look at Here you will find help to search your website for security issues and problems on your behalf and you will be informed immediatley in case of emergency. The site provides an app to help you keep track of your site whilst on the move. So don´t hesitate and start to secure your server.