Domain Popularity 101

As the internet and the way we use it evolves, search engine programmers continually update their algorithms to include things like Domain Popularity, ensuring that search results are authentic.

Google’s PageRank system was one of the earliest and most influential innovations and it worked by calculating the number of inbound links to a website, thus establishing its popularity, relevance and reliability in relation to a users search query. Of course, anything that can be exploited will be, and link-farms, link spamming and a range of black hat programs proliferated, all designed with intention of generating scores of inbound links through dummy sites and annoying blog and forum spam comments.

Link Popularity, IP Popularity and Domain Popularity

Domain Popularity determines your websites Domain Authority

Domain Popularity determines your websites Domain Authority
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The number of inbound links determined “link popularity”, and this helped determine a websites PageRank (the position it would have on Google’s search results). With the proliferation of bogus links, Google responded by implementing new criteria. No longer would the amount of links determine a websites PageRank. Instead, the amount of domains linking to a website would be the deciding factor. Domain Popularity became king. It is much harder to find 3000 domains than insert 3000 links into a dummy site, or on a forum. Further, those links from different domains need to come from different IPs (IP Popularity) to show that results are organic and not orchestrated by one individual or SEO company.

The Importance of Domain Authority

Link Popularity, IP Popularity and Domain Popularity collectively determined your websites Domain Authority. In essence, they tell search engines how valuable your site is as a resource. While search engines like Google include a vast array of factors, including the structure of your webpages, the language used, and the presence of coherent keyword and link themes, external links have perhaps the single greatest influence on your sites ranking. There is simply no substitute for links. Content won’t do it, on-site SEO techniques won’t do it, no amount of keyword or metadescriptions can elevate your site without strong links.

Wait! There’s Hope!

You can improve your website’s Domain Popularity in a number of ways. Joining online registries is a popular means of garnering some of those vital inbound links. Thankfully, your outbound links from your website to other websites are also considered external links by search engines. One of the things to keep in mind while improving your sites Domain Authority is theme. Don’t just use keywords – hyperlink them. And don’t just hyperlink them – link them to websites that contain information that is as relevant to your website as possible. An increasingly popular way of doing this is through content. You want people to share you’re content as much as you want other websites to link to your website. Keep it dynamic, keep it expanding, and above all keep it engaging – for both search engines and your viewers.