SEO Hosting

Hosting services are offered by vendors to enable physical storage of website files to make them available on the World Wide Web.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) hosting enables online exposure, and may increase traffic to a website through the use of non-traditional and traditional approaches. This may be through the use of different IPs to create multiple websites, or any other scheme related to SEO. Some SEO hosting companies provide various SEO hosting friendly services like content creation services, and multiple IPs.

Different hosting services are usually offered by website hosting companies.

Hosting Services

The dedicated (managed) hosting service

Better choose a SEO Hosting provider

Better choose a SEO Hosting provider
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This service allows you to lease an intact physical server that you can use exclusively (not shared with anyone). The service offers you full control of the server in terms of the choice of hardware and software to be used. Its reliability is incredible, as it has good bandwidth and high uptimes. However, this service is quite expensive and may not be practical for small websites and average blogs. You can find a solid dedicated server package right here at the website.

The virtual private server

This service enables you to use a virtual server where a physical server is split. You enjoy independence from other clients of the same service in terms of configurations and software, but the cost is less than that of a physical dedicated server. The convenience offered by this service is that, sharing the same IPs while on the same physical server may bring about digital certificate, and bad IP neighbourhood issues.

The shared web hosting service

This service enables you to share the same server with several websites. This is a more economical and reliable approach, though it offers limited features and space.

Free Web Hosting service

This is offered by very many companies with relatively minimal services compared to paid hosting services.

Grid or cloud hosting

This is a fairly new approach where a massive server is created by adding up individual servers from around the world. In this case, more websites can be hosted along with creating more space and efficiency.

Reseller web hosting

This allows a customer to be the host. The service is usually available for different forms of hosting depending on their affiliations with the reseller.
Successful website development and advertising necessitate choosing a reliable and SEO friendly hosting service. Before utilising an SEO hosting service, you need to consider a number of factors which include your website, and your objectives.

Things to consider

Familiarise yourself with the basic parameters

It is of great importance that you make sure you understand some basics of the terminologies used and the benefits to be accrued from using the SEO hosting service, although you don’t have to spend a lot of time with this. This will be essential when comparing the various services offered by different hosts.

Obtain a dedicated IP address

Although many hosting companies may not offer a dedicated IP address, it is advisable to get one. Sites with dedicated IPs are ranked higher, since the aspect of hosting may bring to question a site’s legitimacy. It is true prices will shoot up if you have a dedicated IP, but if you really need to optimise your site, it’s worth it.

Consider hosts’

As discussed in the different host’s terminology section, different hosts have different abilities and limitations. As a result, one should do some research on a company’s server speed and uptimes. Though web design is a factor that affects speeds, your host speed is also a major determinant. A site that will take too long to load usually has very low rankings on search engines.

Check on the reputation of the host

Trustworthy companies have strict rules on what they can host on their servers, while less reputable ones will be trying to maximise profits and hence host anything they can. Reputable companies also have tight security systems to avoid DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and bad neighbourhood conditions. Ensure the host has stipulated procedures to deal with these.

Customer service

This is an important feature most people looking for SEO hosting services forget to look out for. Hosts that offer comprehensive customer service are better, since SEO optimisation requires frequent modifications and updates to your site, and hence your host should be capable and available when you need them, so as to deal with any problems that may arise.